Feb 17, 2010

Winter Celebration Reflections

Faerieworlds Winter Celebration was a wonderful weekend that was a revelation in many ways. As last year, both Masquerade Balls were packed to near sellout capacity. On Good Faeries Night, Woodland delivered an amazing, rocking set that showcased their new members and song production. Abney Park brought the drama and power of steampunk that made a surprisingly successful mash up with the faerie realm. Bad Faeries Night totally lived up to its outrageous reputation. Delhi 2 Dublin threw down the most outrageously excellent, on-fire set, unquestionably the musical high point of the weekend. Beats Antique kept the dance floor pumping while Zoe Jakes entranced the crowd with her exotic tribal belly dance moves. Kelly and Emilio Miller Lopez produced a lovely ritual performance in celebration of the full moon. And Adam Hurst's intoxicating cello mesmerized the crowd each night. My biggest surprise was to see how many people joined us at the Lane Events Center for a two magical days of music, workshops and shopping at the Faerieworlds Marketplace for this first time event. It was such a pleasure to see so many happy faces enjoying our amazing vendors and fine musicians. In reflecting about the weekend now, it is so gratifying to see so many of our friends and guests in the Faerieworlds family joyfully come together in the heart of winter, exactly six months from our summer event. Our thanks to everyone and especiallt to our Faerieworlds team who makes our events possible; we'll see you next year and this summer at Faerieworlds! - Robert

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