Oct 13, 2009

FaerieCon Dreams Come True

Four years ago I awoke one morning from a rather strange dream. In the dream Faerieworlds had just ended and we were all packing up... and there was a great feeling of sadness and emptiness. I saw Brian Froud in the dream and asked him why it felt like this and he said with a chuckle, "Because you haven't done FaerieCon yet!"

The next day I called Robert and told him about the dream, and we contemplated the idea for a few minutes and decided we were too busy to take on an entire Faerie convention. But over a few short months the idea gestated in our minds and before long we took the leap of faith and launched FaerieCon in Philadelphia in 2007. Over two years we worked hard and made the best of the Convention Center in downtown Philly, but the concrete cube just never felt like the right place for the tribes of the Fae to gather for our annual convention.

Now in our third year, our dream of FaerieCon has come to life in a whole new way. Not only have all the rooms at the event hotel sold out a month in advance, but FaerieCon's new home is an ornate, lush and comfortable setting that feels like the perfect gathering place for annual east coast Faerie gathering. With a glorious group of international artists, authors, crafters, musicians, and thousands of guests adorned in full faerie regalia, 2009 is the Faeriecon we've all been dreaming of...see you there in November!