Jun 20, 2009

Eight Years in a Minute

by Emilio Miller-Lopez

After eight years of producing Faerieworlds events, we finally had a brief chance this week to sit down and review some of the live event videos we've captured over the years. At the Faerieworlds office here in Eugene, we have an archive of hundreds of DV tapes filled with live footage from Sedona, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Hornings Hideout, Secret House and more. What we found out very quickly when we began cutting this trailer was that the hardest part wasn't going to be finding enough good footage to include in a one minute web video; the real difficulty was actually how to choose only a minutes worth of video from so many beautiful hours of captivating and moving moments. Many thanks to all the musicians, artists, performers and participants whose inspiring contributions have made Faerieworlds the unique and special gathering it has become. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the magic!

Jun 8, 2009


There some artists whose work literally stops you dead in your tracks. You catch your breath, transfixed, afraid that if you breathe it might fade and dissolve. Encountering art at this level triggers an immediate, intimate familiarity, yet it is unlike anything you know, only what you have hoped would be. The experience is transporting, ecstatic, poignant and achingly beautiful all at once, in a moment of meeting that you will never forget. This was my experience in first hearing the music of Adam Hurst, and even more so in seeing this video of him playing the gypsy cello. Please stop reading here and watch the video…

.... you see? You can breathe now…. Adam will be joining us for the first time at Faerieworlds: he embodies the kind of gifted artist we look for to showcase at our events. I know seeing him play live will be one of the highlights of the show that you will not want to miss. Now play the video again and watch his hands… and remember to breathe….
- Robert