Sep 18, 2009

Come As You (Magically) Are

One of the most exciting things about our Faerieworlds events is to see the incredible imagination and creativity our guests bring to their costumes: so much style, beauty, sensuality, humor and downright craziness I like to say our guests don’t attend our events – they inhabit them. Each has a story, a reason for being, that is personal, an expression of their unique identity. They bring their extraordinary characters, personas and avatars into ours and we create one enchanted world together. At Faerieworlds, we love the fusion of the traditional with the visionary, the past mashed up with the future. Our bands at Winter Celebration are great examples of this: Woodland marries traditional Celtic themes with modern mythic music,Delhi 2 Dublin (amazingly) combines Celtic and Indian music, Beats Antique fuses a multiple of musical styles with circus performance and Zoe Jakes mesmerizing tribal belly dancing. And making their premiere performance at a Faerieworlds event, Abney Park brings the world of fantasy steampunk wildly, vibrantly alive in both sight and sound. All these amazing worlds and characters will meet, celebrate and dance the night away at the Good Faeries & Bad Faeries Masquerade Balls at Winter Celebration: I promise you this will be a whole new level of Faerieworlds, and personally - I just can’t wait!
– Robert