Jul 28, 2009

The Realm is Gathering

by Emilio Miller-Lopez

We stand tonight at the gates of new experience, as thousands begin to gather in our emerald wood to celebrate in the spirit of the land. Here in this forest where the old trees stand, we invite in those who remember, and those who have forgotten; to reconnect with a hidden memory older than our minds. In the moment of summer's ripening, the wind dances beneath the shadow of the mountain, and the valley is alive. Calling. Calling. Calling in the celebration of the harvest of first fruits. Past the gateway a cool wind is coming...autumn stands beyond the wooden door. Now the horn is sounding through the mythic wood...will you come to the first harvest dance?

Jul 1, 2009

In the Shadow of Mt. Pisgah

We walked in twilight through a corridor of arching oaks hung with lichen and tall, majestic Douglas firs. All around us the forest and the skies are alive: the crows heading off to roost, the screeching owl emerging for her evening hunt, even the occasional fluttering bat. The moon rises as the stars are taking their places across the heavens. We turned the corner and looked out over the vast moonlit field: here is the new home of Faerieworlds.

In four weeks, this splendid park, surrounded by trees and forests, bordered by a river, shadowed by the tallest mountain in the region, will transform into the Realm and fill with music, amazing vendors, enchanting performers and thousands of faerie lovers from across our nation and the world, all arrayed in their beautiful faerie finery. Everything about the space feels right, good and welcoming: It is alive with life and magic is afoot. We close our eyes and hear the summoning songs of Faun and Woodland, we see wonderful arts and crafts, we see families laughing, dancing, gathered together in campsites, we see community joined together in joy and celebration. We open our eyes and the waxing gibbous goddess has risen; all is blue and silver. Do we hear Adam Hurst's plaintive cello floating on the night breeze? The verdant spirit of Place, of Faerie, is palpable here, everywhere, waiting and welcoming; you can feel it. Reluctantly we head back home and begin to count the days.

- Robert

It's Almost That Time Again

As much as Faerieworlds is a spiritual experience for everyone involved, I have to admit that most people I talk to also agree that it's a fantastic place to buy special things. There are items available at this show that I really can't find anywhere else, and I'm just about as discerning as it gets when it comes to high-quality handmade art, clothing, jewelry, even food. I spend a disturbing amount of time scouring the internet for the best of the best, and yet I still find vendors at Faerieworlds that happily surprise me. Some of my favorite items of personal adornment have come from Faerieworlds, and there's something sacred about bringing home a treasured item from such a special event. There's a memory attached to it, and every time I touch it, or wear it, or glance at it I remember that I found it at Faerieworlds...and I bought it from someone who loves what they do.
- Stephanie