Jul 28, 2009

The Realm is Gathering

by Emilio Miller-Lopez

We stand tonight at the gates of new experience, as thousands begin to gather in our emerald wood to celebrate in the spirit of the land. Here in this forest where the old trees stand, we invite in those who remember, and those who have forgotten; to reconnect with a hidden memory older than our minds. In the moment of summer's ripening, the wind dances beneath the shadow of the mountain, and the valley is alive. Calling. Calling. Calling in the celebration of the harvest of first fruits. Past the gateway a cool wind is coming...autumn stands beyond the wooden door. Now the horn is sounding through the mythic wood...will you come to the first harvest dance?


  1. The festival was AWESOME! Had a wonderful time in the Froud's class too. I have posted some festival photos on my blog. Pop over to see!

  2. I need more Faerieworlds...now not later! lol... thank you again! I enjoyed working doing healing and first aid there... here is a comment on a photo of me someone tagged on Facebook that says it all for me... "She (dancing goddess in the foreground of picture) is pretty but the real person I am after is Don in the background. He was a lifesaver at FW he was so kind to me and really helped a lot of people. Namaste to you, Don" Awww..it doesnt get much better than that!

    Let's make music! Blessed Be!

    Don St.Clair aka Dawn Dancing Feather

  3. The festival was AWESOME! It was our first time, and we have 2 toddlers, heat was killing us but we still had a wonderful time . I have posted some festival photos on my blog. Pop over to see!