Jul 1, 2009

It's Almost That Time Again

As much as Faerieworlds is a spiritual experience for everyone involved, I have to admit that most people I talk to also agree that it's a fantastic place to buy special things. There are items available at this show that I really can't find anywhere else, and I'm just about as discerning as it gets when it comes to high-quality handmade art, clothing, jewelry, even food. I spend a disturbing amount of time scouring the internet for the best of the best, and yet I still find vendors at Faerieworlds that happily surprise me. Some of my favorite items of personal adornment have come from Faerieworlds, and there's something sacred about bringing home a treasured item from such a special event. There's a memory attached to it, and every time I touch it, or wear it, or glance at it I remember that I found it at Faerieworlds...and I bought it from someone who loves what they do.
- Stephanie