Feb 28, 2010


Here's a great review of Winter Celebration from a first time Exhibitor, Melissa Barton:
I write you this as a first time Faerieworld participant, damp behind the ears and wings covered in dew:
I never fancied myself a Fae Folk, but with a little gentle prodding from Robert, I found myself in the lush, green late Winter of Eugene with my spinning wheel. Sure, I had all kinds of worries of the right thing to wear and what would it be like, but as soon as I sat down at my spinning wheel, that all spun away.

I spent the Winter Celebration weekend doing a fiber arts demo at the festival along with my business cohort, Laura, of Krafti-Kit. With wheels and spindles and "sheepiness" in tow, I spent the weekend showing folks what I love most to do, play with fiber. There's a close relationship that is just now being unveiled to us both, the Fae and Fiber worlds. It's about tradition, storytelling, the passing down of craft and the love of creating the clothes we dream of wearing. To "tell a good yarn" is now synonymous with the telling of a good story when in fact it's roots take place in the woman's work of actually making yarn and telling stories to pass the time.

I normally have a lot of kids who drag their parents to see what I'm doing. In this environment, where the children often roamed freely, the little girls were all in their faerie costumes, whooping it up. That left the boys to...find other things to occupy themselves: A fast turning wheel and some fiber magic. It was a joy to see the fascination of these children as it always reminds me of my own as a child. I've carried it with me all my life, and here I am, bringing that tradition forward.

Bringing tradition forward is very much what Krafti-Kit is all about. Through simple (and some not-so-simple) needlearts kits, we bring all these traditions forward.

I spent my time at the festival teaching from our drop spindle kit and Laura was doing a great job teaching first-time knitters. With every purchase we gave away a little needlepoint kit. The most common exclamation being "That's so cool, it looks nothing like what my mom did!" And that's what it's about for us. We call it "cross training in fiber-arts." Once you learn to sew or knit, give crochet, spinning or needlepoint a try! With a kit, you can try on these new skills with everything you need to get started and some pretty immediate gratification.

I'm so pleased to feel more comfortable in my new wings. Next time around I hope to have crocheted something quite wonderful for my "literal" wings. My creative inspiration is at "10" right now after eying all the amazing faeriewear. But, I'll just wait a bit to start those new projects, because right now I'm just enjoying the Faerieworlds afterglow...

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