Feb 19, 2010


We were honored to have Amy Brown join us for the first time at Winter Celebration, she even attended the Masquerade Balls for the first time. Here are her thoughts about the event and how it ignited her creative energies when she returned to her studio. It's wonderful and heartening for us to know that our events can inspire people's lives in so many ways. Here's Amy:

"Returning home from the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration, I was feverish with a need to paint. For months I've felt stagnant when
I thought of my art, and suddenly I was inspired. Inspired! The costumes and atmosphere at Faerieworlds always leave me feeling super charged-my mind churning with new ideas and a raw desire to create. Normally, I spend no more than a day or two on a painting, my attention span being ridiculously short. But suddenly, I had something I felt was worth spending time on. Nearly a week later, I completed "Goblin Mask". It feels as though I am stepping up to the next level of my work. I've broken through a barrier that has always kept me in check-not brave enough, or confident enough, to paint from the depths of my true heart.

At Faerieworlds, there are no barriers. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to express their creativity without fear of judgment. To take a piece of that home, is a rare gift."

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