May 27, 2009

My Sudden Love Affair With Zoe Jakes

by Stephanie Lostimolo

In terms of live entertainment, Thursday was the best night I've had in quite a while. Out of the blue, I got the news: Emilio and Kelly were driving to Portland for an evening show featuring The Indigo, the internationally renowned bellydance troupe comprised of Rachel Brice, Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes.

We arrive and for the next couple of hours I sit back and relax as the pure awesomeness of the girls and the musicians washes over me. And one girl in particular (spectacular?), Miss Jakes, Miss Zoe, what do I call her? She catches my eye and I can't look away. She moves like a serpent, an angel, a honeybee, and at the same time the sheer theatrics of this girl's expressions and stage presence are pure gold. I love it. She reminds me of an animated character. Or perhaps a faery. Yeah, that's it. She's a faery.

Honestly, I didn't want the show to end. It was mesmerizing and heartwarming to see all of the performers and guests having such a good time. It makes me wish more people would come out and see these shows. I want the world to know there's beautiful art out there in many forms, and yet another one to discover is Zoe Jakes and her talented cohorts. I can't wait to see her again this year at Faerieworlds! 


  1. I already love the music and cannot wait to see them at FW. :-) *happy dance*

  2. She'll perform at FW?! Awesome! After that review I cant wait to see her!

  3. I'm excited! She is captivating!

  4. I saw Zoe live a couple years ago. Believe me, this girl is the awesomest!