May 27, 2009

Meeting Louisa John-Krol

by Kelly Miller-Lopez

I had the opportunity to meet Louisa and experience a live performance at the recent Trolls and Legendes festival in Mons, Belgium. Her performance transported the mesmerized audience almost immediately...her silvery voice, caressing the ears of all who were present, invited a deeper presence from us all. Effortlessly I observed her compel the extremely large (somewhat noisy) audience to listen closer. With the words of a storyteller who speaks a language that seems to transcend both time and space, Louisa weaves a powerful invocation of true magic and myth with her voice and mandolin. Appearing simultaneously like an ever-young maiden of infinite moonlight, and an earth-wise and age old faery godmother, Louisa is both young an ancient, she emanates light and is shrouded in mysterious feminine depth and darkness...she has the royal countenance and strength of an otherworld queen, with a kind and gentle character that speaks of the humble wisdom of an earth-wizened peasant...on stage it is clear that she is a true living faery...the essence of a being of true balance, of twilight.

Her most recent album is called Djinn, and explores the age old realm of Cats (more specifically, faery cats), and their infamous interconnection to legendary people and realms of magic since time immemorial. An accomplished, self-produced musical/lyrical master, Louisa has an impressive discography with a wide range of styles and myths explored there-in. I dare say she probably has something that would appeal to almost anyone...being the green witch that I am, my favorite album is Apple Pentacle, but I would not hesitate to recommend everything she's released. A song from Apple Pentacle was produced into a music video called "Muse" with the art of our dear Brian Froud.  I've attached the "Muse" video below for your viewing pleasure.  Many Faerieworlds attendees may remember seeing this screened at both our west and east coast events over the past two seasons. Now we get to experience the magic onstage live, and in the ethereal flesh! Welcome dear Louisa to our ever-growing Faerieworld!

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