May 27, 2009


by Robert Gould
It’s now about 9 weeks from Faerieworlds and the excitement is definitely building.  In these days of “instant access” to pretty much anything, I find “anticipation” to be a very unique feeling.  There is really something pleasurable about looking forward to an event that exists in its own space and time: all of our technology just won’t get you to Faerieworlds any faster! Until that special day, you get to think about everything you will see and do , the wonderful arts, crafts and music, all the friends you will meet and wonder what unexpected discoveries are waiting for you this year. And the best part is: for all of your anticipation, dreaming and imagining, Faerieworlds is always more than you expect: even for us who produce the event.  That’s because it is YOU – our guests – that make every show unique. So what are you most looking forward to at Faerieworlds?: write in and tell us!


  1. Last year it was me and my husband that went. No other friends went with us and our daughter stayed at home. This year we are bringing friends and my 12 year old! I think my most favorite thing I am looking forward to is the expression I get to see on my daughters face when we get there. She is going to LOVE it!! From the music to the garb, I know it will be even more amazing to experience it with her :-)

    Also, I have been contact with everyone on Tribe and Facebook since last year so now I get to meet those I did not see last year and re-introduce myself to those I had!

  2. Mine has been an ongoing (and *growing*)involvement with the Festival. Three years ago it was just me for one day. Two years ago, it was me and my daughter for the whole thing. Last year, I had a booth for my sculptures, and my daughter and husband were there for the whole thing. This year, it'll be a booth (shared with a friend and her daughter who got introduced last year), and my entire *family* will be there for the full three days!

    Why do I keep coming back? It's not the sales, really. It's the whole feeling of the event.. the music, the pagentry, the warmth and welcome, and (most of all) it's the people. I think my friend put it best: "It's like all the wonderous characters my imagination has ever come up with jumped out of my head and are walking around!" Quite a compliment, and I agree wholeheartedly!

    Cythtor Dreamchaser

  3. Oh Robert...I so agree about the anticipation...until it gets so close and then its OH NO!! Im not even close to being ready!! :D

    The part I most look forward to is the family. These people have become my family. And being from LA...well you know I need those people. I love them so much and in the virtual world they get me through my every day. They are my biggest support and my biggest cheerleaders and to see them all once a year...well...all I can say is...thank you for that. I am SO grateful.

  4. I am so excited to come to this years festival-- this will be my first one! I look forward to meeting and dancing with everyone!